Business Insurance

What kind of cover do I need for my business Insurances?
We will help you piece together a customised business insurance package to make sure your business is protected, all at the right price for you. Your policy might include any or all of the following

• Commercial property insurance, so your premises and contents are covered (e.g. material damage, business interruption, loss of money)
• Employer's liability, public liability and/or product liability, to fulfil your legal obligations
• Car or van insurance, if you own one or more vehicles that you use in your business

Risk Management

Most businesses face numerous risks, but not every business manages those risks effectively. As Impartial Brokers, we can help you put in place an effective risk management strategy that will protect your business and could even reduce your insurance premiums, saving you money.


Here are those Claims and their Percentages, when it comes to making a claim from your Business Insurance:

• Injury to Staff (43%)
• Injury to Public / Property (32%)
• Fire Damage (21%)

Statistics Correct @ 09/08

By tackling these potential claims you will be going a long way to managing the risks in your workplace. Surely that makes good business sense!

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