Home Insurance

What is meant by - Buildings Insurance?
Buildings insurance covers anything that you cannot take away with you if you move house. These include the solid structure of your house including domestic outbuildings and any fixtures or fittings.

What is meant by - Contents Insurance?
Contents insurance covers household goods and personal belongings owned by you or belonging to members of your household along with domestic employees permanently residing with you, all in the private house and domestic outbuildings.

What is meant by - All Risks cover?
All Risks cover protects us against loss, theft of, or accidental damage to items outside your house as well as inside your house, items such as jewellery, photographic equipment, personal effects, clothing and sports equipment.

What is meant by - An Excess?
The excess is the amount of any one claim that you will have to pay out of your own pocket before you can make a claim from the insurance company. The normal standard excess on any policy is €125. However, some insurance companies allow you a discount if you opt to choose a higher excess. Ordinarily, most companies have an excess for subsidence of €1,500.

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