Group Risk Cover

IFC Finance have set up a number of Group Risk schemes for companies.

Our research indicated that employers were frustrated by the lack of information and resources available to them when it came to getting informed of the details of Group Risk benefits and any of the Options within such a scheme, available to them.

IFC Finance created a dedicated Group Risk website to alleviate this problem, namely

Group Income Protection and Group Life Cover

Employers often wish to protect their employees and their families in the case of illness or death. Employers may choose to have Income Protection Insurance in place should any of their employees be no longer able to carry out their duties due to illness, injury or accident. Their policies may also include Life Cover which will pay out a lump sum on the death of an employee to their next-of-kin thus helping alleviate any financial pressures at that time.

IFC Finance, Irelands’ leading Financial Advisor are the parent company behind Group Risk. IFC Finance have gained a solid reputation among clients and product providers alike. We remain fully unbiaised, professional and trustworthy at all times.

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