Protect Your Family with Pension Term Insurance

As the breadwinner, or at least one of them, for your family you will be fully aware of the importance of looking after their financial needs. Pension Term Insurance helps protect your family by providing for them financially should the unforeseen happen and you were to pass away or become seriously ill. Tax Relief is available on all premiums payable.

What is Pension Term Insurance?

Pension Term Insurance is Life Insurance that covers you up until the time of your retirement. If you were to die before you reached retirement your next-of-kin would receive a lump sum which would no doubt help alleviate any financial burdens at that time. You pay a set amount on a regular basis (generally by direct debit). Tax relief is available at the marginal rate of tax on the premiums you pay. Benefits of Pension Term Insurance

  • Gives peace of mind knowing that your loved ones would receive a lump sum should you pass away before retirement.
  • Can Claim tax relief.
  • Depending on your age and circumstances cover can be secured at a reasonable price.

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