What is Invoice Finance?

Invoice Finance allows businesses to raise cash against unpaid invoices. Waiting on payments for goods/services sold can be a burden for a business, with Invoice Finance you no longer have a cashflow problem. A positive cashflow will allow you to focus on what you do best – run your business! 

IFC Finance – Helping Your Business Secure Invoice Finance

Unlock your Company’s potential with a Trade Partner you can trust. IFC Finance will help you get working capital finance for your business. We partner with some of the leading Supply Chain Finance Companies operating in Ireland. You, the Client / Small and Medium Enterprises (SME), get access to the same rates as if you went directly to the Supply Chain Finance Companies; just that we do the legwork for you! We can help companies in securing that trade/sale or enable you to compete for contracts that otherwise, you thought might be outside of your capability due to financial constraints. We enable your business to free up the cash trapped in your invoices. We ensure early payment on your outstanding invoices – you select which invoices you’d like to encash early. This allows you to improve your Cashflow, build your business and improve your bottom line. We follow our Company ethos and only partner with Irish owned/ managed Supply Chain Finance businesses who are keen to get you a pricing that makes the trade affordable for you. We are keen to see you access Working Capital Finance and hope to retain you as a client of IFC Finance on a long- term basis. Contact IFC Finance, Ireland leading Financial Advisor today to discuss more about the benefits of Invoice Finance for Your Business.

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