Life Assurance in Ireland

We all know the importance of Life Assurance for protecting those that we love but did you know that some of us are paying a LOT more than others for the same amount of cover?
We know that the price depends on your age, on when you took out the policy and which company you took it out with.
But both your circumstances and premium rates change all the time… So, reviewing the cost of your life cover can reveal some very surprising cost savings.

Without checking, you could be paying thousands of euro extra over the lifetime of your policy for the exact same benefits.

Start saving today, ask us about a Premium Review and we will try to find you a cheaper price

If we can do that for you, you may qualify for a refund of a full 6-months of Premium, handed back to you in Cash, as a thanks and a welcome for being a new Customer.

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Whether we protect ourselves for our Mortgage or insure ourselves to protect our family, there comes a point when most of us will require Life Assurance.

In most cases the decision on which company to choose is a cost-based decision. We hold agencies with all of the companies operating in the Broker Insurance Market and always recommend the lowest cost, where cost is the main factor so make sure to call us on 01 6601016 if you are looking for a Life Assurance Quote.

In this competitive market, Life Insurance rates are consistently coming down and we recommend to all our clients to review the cost of their cover often. Why not check out whether you could save money on our up to the minute quote engine?

What is the difference between Life Assurance and Life Insurance?

While there is a general assumption among many people that Life Assurance and Life Insurance are the same, there is in fact some differences between both. The main one been that Life Assurance covers you for the rest of your life, while Life Insurance covers you for a fixed period only.

IFC Finance can also look after all your Life Insurance needs.

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Serious Illness

Is Serious Illness Cover worth it? More and more people who experience a serious illness such as Heart Attack or Cancer, are recovering more quickly than ever before and resuming full and active lives. However, this can also be a time where a severe spike in costs can be experienced just when we are not able to work as hard as before, when we are vulnerable.

Serious Illness Insurance Cover will pay you a lump sum on medical diagnosis of any one of an extensive list of illnesses subject to certain criteria. Serious Illness Cover is designed to help the client get through this difficult time rather than as a financial windfall. Companies offer different Serious Illness products covering different numbers and stages of illnesses.

Our expertise will guide you through this area and make sure that, whatever cover you choose, you understand it clearly before you start.

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